looking for a place to chill in él paìs basco

Came across this bad boy on the road….perfect style. 

Countryside vibes before a summer storm..

Netherlands trip with some friends, a good opportunity to chill out a bit from recent hassle brought by studies! 

Took Bob out for my birthday ride today.. nearly got stuck in that field! 

Out again as spring settles!

World’s n°7 most amazing beach, havelock island. Well worth it after forty minutes  and a few rupees of chaotic local transportation…

kayakin’ through the mangroves around havelock…

One year ago, I spent 6 months in India, mostly studying, but also discovering this amazing country. Here’s a shot taken exactly one year back on Havelock island, part of the Andaman islands, just out of the hut me and my friends were staying in…. true paradise don’t you think??

Parked for the winter

Home is where you park it…

Elephant beach walk throughout the jungle, Andaman islands.

green cafe, kodaikanal. 

enjoy the view, kodaikanal, South India.